Winners of the Qt Centre Programming Contest 2008

Being late seems to have become a tradition - let's hope that we do better next time. At last the winners have been properly announced, together with their respective prizes at QtCentre.org.




I try not to mention these things, but this article really got my attention. Scary.

http://www.svd.se/opinion/brannpunkt/artikel_2103621.svd [Swedish only!]


My fault

Open source and free software can be hard some times. Time constrains and priorities sometimes collide and people get disappointed and annoied.

I'm writing to tell everyone that I'm sorry. The QtCentre programming contest has been finished since a while back. The judges have been great, and the prizes are assigned to the winners. What is missing is the "press material" from me announcing this.

The reason for not having done this on time (which was about two weeks ago) are threefold:
  • Customer events at my work (due tonight, I'm speaking on Qt).
  • Deadline at my customer (due on Friday, i.e. overtime every day since last Thursday)
  • 7 months old daughter that I really want to see, at least on weekends as I leave for work before she gets up and see her fall asleep at night.
I know my failure to deliver means that people get upset. The judges who are done since a while back and get lots of badwill from this. The contestants not getting the final results and our sponsors, seeing a negative spin around the final stages of the contest.

As this week will continue to be hellish for me, I can only promiss to get this done during this Saturday. I hope that this will be quick enough and that you all can accept my appologies. If not, don't nag the other guys - it is my fault.