Lesson learned

Just learned that the window flags Qt::FramelessWindowHint | Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint isn't enough in X11 (seems to work on WinXP). You also need to add the Qt::Tool window flag. Just so that you know.



Missing Person?

I've tried to contact a Johannes Bergmeier, working with the Orchid Web-Framework. Kindly check your spam filter and/or contact me at e8johan. I use gmail.


Standing up!

As a very proud father I have to show this to the world - Lisa can get up to standing by her self. My wife just managed to catch this historic moment using her cell phone before Lisa fell over. It looks as if the time of moving everything fragile and expensive into closed cupboards has come :-)


Clearing the Attic

Let me just say this first: yes, I'm a sick individual.

I've been clearing out my room at my parent's attic. This is some of the left overs that I donated to recycling.

Com-ports anybody (ISA cards)

This is proper printer paper!

Some of my old boxes of proprietary software...

...and even more (notice the right one - I used to do Fortran'77)

Memory, all sizes and sorts. Perhaps a gigabyte in total :-)

Mice and keyboards...

Crappy picture, but it says "COMAL, advanced course"
"The components of a computer"
"according to von Neumann"

Life has been good :-)


My Little Brother

Little brothers are fun. The first years we knew each other we spent our days teasing each other and beating the other one up. But if someone else touch him, we where a team at once.

These days, we spend our time competing in on-line racing and sharing computer parts. Actually, this is more fun than beating each other up :-)

However, it is still important to beat him at everything that we try. My success rate is getting worse and worse by the years and now he is quicker than me on the virtual track. Thus it is a bit of a pain to admit that they guy actually has talent. I just stumbled on his photo stream and I'm stunned. My little brother can really use a camera!