A Warning from GCC

Funny thing, how the GCC error messages' list get updated in bursts. Thanks to Mark for sending me the cannot pass objects of non-POD type 'struct std::string' through '...' gem.


Qt 4.4 on ArsTechnical

ArsTechnica's Ryan Paul had a look at the preview release of Qt 4.4. The article is a nice read, but I really must quote the ending paragraph:

"GTK is my toolkit of choice for the vast majority of my Linux desktop application development, so my perspective on Qt is that of an outsider looking in at a very different kind development platform. Despite my limited familiarity with the toolkit, I'm very impressed with the new functionality in Qt 4.4, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the KDE community and other Qt users leverage the features."

It is really nice to reach such a positive review!

Update! I was informed that calling Ryan "a GTK guy" was taking it too far - anyway - he seems to like Qt 4.4.


As you might know, I create the Windows installer for SpeedCrunch. The installer is based on Inno Setup, which is a great tool. However, the short-cuts created from the wizard does not specify the WorkingDir parameter. This means that you run into trouble when looking for translations and other external resources. By adding the argument WorkingDir "{app}" to all icons this is resolved.


Know your spelling

Picking such a title for a blog entry means that I need to be on edge. :-)

By not spelling cout properly, Diederik van der Boor was able to get the following gem out of GCC:

invalid operands of types ‘<unresolved overloaded function type>’ and ‘const char [15]’ to binary ‘operator<<’

Quite charming if you ask me :-) The error and solution have been added to my list of GCC errors.