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This is kind of cool: http://flickrvision.com/.



Today is the last day we're accepting project registration submissions to the Qt Centre Programming Contest. If you want to participate and still haven't submitted your entry, hurry up to make it before midnight (CET) tonight!



It has been a week since I last blogged - and there are lots of things going on. Here is a quick summary:

- Book-wise, we're currently in both tech review and copy editing - meaning that I get documents to look at from all directions. I'm trying to be structured, but sometimes it feels like there is too much coming in and too little getting done. Also, I seriously need to get the appendixes done. If you have a project that you feel would fit (either a class library or a development tool), comment or mail me (e8johan, using gmail).
- Work-wise, I've finally started to prepare for my first training sessions. I'm going to Denmark and Stockholm to teach Linux on Xilinx platforms. Will be fun.
- Work-wise II, I attended a great course called "efficient consultants" in Ängelholm last week. A good, balanced, material for the course, superb trainer (Lucas from Retorium) and a very nice evening getting to meet some of the guys from our Lund and Stockholm offices.
- Life-wise, Åsa and I are celebrating our second anniversary today. Hooray!
- Life-wise II, I will be celebrating my 28th birthday on Wednesday.
- F1-wise, great work of Kubica to finally out-qualify Heidfelt. A sad day for Heidfelt but a great fourth for Kubica. Also, congratulations to Hamilton for the championship lead. I'm just wondering if he can handle a change of luck - he can't stay on top through an entire season...



The dead-line to enter the Qt Centre Programming Competition is rapidly closing in. If you have not entered with you application, consider doing so. Right now we've got lots of prizes, and the chances for winning are quite high.

To quote Witold: "The bottom line is - if you have written a Qt4 application that doesn't violate rules of engagement (it's open source and portable), enter the competition. You don't lose anything and you can gain quite much."

Enter here: http://contest.qtcentre.org/registration.



I already long to go there again...