Core Dump

I have not been blogging the last couple of weeks, so here is a condensed report of what I've been up to.

  • Qtopia presentation at IT Universitetet, Gothenburg. Note to self, make sure to have water the first hour. Speaking for two hours, only sipping water the second half leaves you with a soar throat.
  • Work, work, work - I've been working like a mad man the last weeks. One week in Lapland doing winter testing for an automotive customer (great fun, but still quite a few days away from home).
  • Qt Quarterly dinner - a nice little event in Oslo. A rather loud restaurant, so it was hard to maintain a conversation, but still nice.
  • Carpenting - the upper floor is beginning to look ready-ish. Will try to get the wallpapers up this weekend. Then it is just the floor, doors and details left.
  • Driving - got my new car last week, a BMW 520d. It drives like a dream :-)
Well, now I need to work some more. Do not forget to watch the F1 next weekend. If BMW wins it must be due to my generous contribution. I hope that all the profit from my purchase is transferred directly to Dr. Thiessen's department.