Jonathan seems to like my book: the dot.

New Pet

I've invested in a pet. The best kind of pet. A Roomba. It is an amazing feeling to just press the Clean button and go for a walk. Now I just need to convice the wife that I need the SDK :-)


Crunching On

A couple of weeks ago, Helder and B came to visit me in Gothenburg. Helder is the guy currenly maintaining SpeedCrunch and he has been performing miracles - the project now have a good leadership and structure. We visited the archipelago as well as Liseberg, the amusement park. Apparently Helder has no problem with heights - he must think that I'm a chicken as I stayed on the ground when he tried some extra rides (I did go on Balder!).


Contest Prizes

The Qt Centre Programming Contest has finally been completed. You can find all the contestants here, and the winning entries here. I'd like to say thanks to all who entered and a big congratulations to all the winners. Five of you will get a copy of Foundations of Qt Development - I hope that you will enjoy it!


Nice to hear

I'm usually not happy about bankruptcies and other bad things happening to companies but these guys had it coming and deserve it.


Qt Resources

Have you written something about Qt? Have you got a library, a widget or a tool that would be useful to other Qt developers? Do you have a Qt/KDE site?

If any of the above fits you - tell me (e8johan, gmail) and I'll add you to www.thelins.se/qt - an on-line appendix to the Foundations of Qt Development. By the way - when speaking of the book - have you noticed that a sample chapter and all the example source code is available for download.

The site that I mention above is just a start. The first new content that I've added is a look at the various cross platform IDEs out there. The only one that I've finished writing about is Trolltech's own integration of Qt and Eclipse. A promising offering.