Qt Centre Programming Contest 2008 - Finalists

So, the judging process has finally reached its first milestone - six finalists have been chosen. Those of you who visited FSCONS on Friday know them - to the rest of the world - the announcement is up now (yes - I know - lateish).

So, here they are, in no particular order, the finalists of this years contest:


“A simple, yet complete and easy to use application for downloading Flash movies from YouTube and similar sites and for converting them to other, more usable formats. It uses ffmpeg to do the conversion.”


“Allows users to write AJAX-enabled web applications in C++. It features built-in HTTP server and the application code looks almost
like Qt app.”


“An attractive alternative menu implementation for KDE 4 with clickless interface. You can drag the icon list to your desktop.”

WebIssues Client

“Qt-based client for an issue tracker written in PHP. Nice looking, complete and documented.”


“Frees the signal and slot mechanism from both the process and the actual computer. This opens a range of possibilities for Qt applications.”


“An plugin based communications application. Allows rich media sharing with a beautiful user interface.”

On behalf of everyone working hard at QtCentre I'd like to say thank you to all the contestants, all the judges, our great sponsors and everybody using the site. Thank you!



München DevDays'08

I've been wanting to blog something about DevDays, but I'm still sitting here, working. Anyway, I visited Munich and DevDays this week. A great event. Lots of people (600-ish), great talks and good beer.

DevDays seems to be the day when the QtCentre admins and moderators meet. This year Witold, Jacek, J-P, Kevin and I where there. Kevin actually visited with some silly KDE badge instead of the proper QtCentre one :-)

For me, the highlights where really Ariya's talk on Blazing Fast Graphics (he used ray-casting - those where the days!) and Jurgen's talk on Embedded Qt (nice to see that my customer projects fitted his template project quite nicely). Also nice where the keynotes - good to see that Nokia still wants Qt to be available everywhere.

We from QtCentre tried to fit people into our t-shirts. The snapshot below shows Justin from ICS. I also passed a t-shirt onto Benoit Schillings but I did not see him wear it. If you read this, Benoit, please mail me a photo of you wearing it or blog about it on labs.