Problem #2

So, as a final follow-up to my desperate out-cry, I've solved problem #2. Thanks to nosrednaekim for pointing me in the right direction. Also, to jucato, setting TerminateServer to true did not help, however I'm using an ATI card.

So, now everything works again and I will not try to achieve window wobbliness for another couple of months :-)


Kubuntu issues - follow-up

I'm just following up on my last post - thanks to everyone commenting!

Regarding points #1 and #3, this was compiz running and wm. I'm back to kwin after having removed the file $HOME/.kde/share/config/compizasWM.

For point #2, I'll deal with it as well, but is seems to be an issue in the proprietary ATI driver's package. When changing to the free ATI driver I cannot get the resolution I want (I admit - I did not hunt for mode lines for very long).


Kubuntu upgrade issues

I just used the Kubuntu upgrade tool to get the latest goodies from Hardy (wobbly windows here I come). However, this resulted in a strange looking system. I've found three symptoms:

#1 Klipper and friends start in windows in the top left corner before finding their way down to the kicker dock.

#2 Selecting "logout" or pressing ctrl-alt-backspace results in a blank screen, a hard reset is required to get back to business.

#3 Window decorations are messed up. For instance, Firefox gets some old-style KDE 2-ish look and RMB clicking on the title bar results in what looks like an unthemed menu. However, the desktop menu looks alright.

Desktop menu

Window menu

If anyone knows of a good way to resolve these issues, do let me know.


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