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Raspberry Pi Night

A couple of nights ago, Daniel Stenberg visited the Pelagicore offices in Gothenburg for the Raspberry Pi Night. We had 28 signed up guests and hacked, talked and played for a night. I was personally surprised about the turn-up – and the number of projects showing up. A couple of guys even came with a lab […]

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Raspberry Pi Night in Gothenburg

The event described below is in Sweden, in Swedish, so simply skip ahead if the rest sounds like gibberish. Embedded Linux, Automotive, Real-time? Daniel Stenberg, känd från curl, ssh2 and c-ares kommer till stan! Vi samlas, snackar och hackar inbyggd Linux några timmar. Dra med dig din raspberry pi, beagleboard, pandaboard, androidtelefon eller liknande och […]

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The Cuecumber Cam

This spring, I invested in a greenhouse. As soon as the green stuff was growing, the little nerd in me saw some room for improvement. I got a Raspberry Pi model A, a solar charger case from cottonpicker’s and a cheap webcam. As it turns out, the batteries from the solar case only provide an […]

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tt-rss in debian stable

I run a little server of my own with debian stable. Now, I wanted Tiny Tiny RSS, as Google just showed why relying on the cloud isn’t a good thing. As tt-rss only lives in unstable, I decided to backport it. In order to do so, I had to backport the following packages (in this […]

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Update on Work

As some of you know, I work for Pelagicore. We do in-vehicle infotainment using open source, Linux and Qt. I’m not in Las Vegas right now, but a whole bunch of colleagues are there, showing of at CES.  This year, we’re doing loads of demos together with various partners. We demo together with Visteon (makes […]

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Raspberry Pi

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi since a while back. I placed an order the morning the Pi was released. However, I also have a newborn and a four years old, so progress on the Pi has been slow. Now, finally, I have a setup that I’m pleased with. I use my Nokia N900 charger, a non-name […]

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The Digital Project

I’ve decided to bread life into an old domain, but let me tell the story from the very beginning. Way back, when leaving university, a couple of friends of mine and myself went looking for a place to keep our projects, personal homepages (yes, we geeks had those back then – sort of a facebook profile, […]

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