Working on QML Book

Do you remember QML Book? It started as a project between me and Jürgen Bocklage-Ryannel where we tried to fix the problem that there is no QML book out there.

Back in the Qt 5.2 days, we spent wrote about a year. Unfortunately, the project has mainly been sitting idle since then. I’ve poked at issues every now and then, and Jürgen has done various fixes as well.

Thanks to The Qt Company, this is changing. This autumn, it sponsors me to work on the project. The current plan is to add a chapter to Qt Quick Controls 2, and to update the entire contents to Qt 5.12 and Qt Creator 4.8. By doing so, many of the remaining bug reports will be resolved.

Other things in the backlog are getting the CI system back into shape and having a native speaker edit the language. All in all, this will result in an up-to-date book on QML. If you want to help out, just reach out to me or send me your pull requests. All help is welcome!

6 thoughts on “Working on QML Book”

  1. We do have some translations already, so yes. However, I’m currently planning some changes to the CI system, so make sure to discuss the workflow before spending too much time.

  2. Great to hear!
    Your book has been a great resource and I’m looking forward to the updates.
    Keep up the good work! Cheers

  3. Thanks, but is this book for the beginner or the advanced programmer?

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