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QmlBook Making Progress

It has been a long time since the last update of QmlBook was announced – but the project is definitely live and kicking. Jürgen has put in a lot of great work into the contents and gotten the collaborative work over on github started. To simplify the publication, the contents has been moved to github hosting, but […]

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Qt Contributors Summit 2014

I’m writing from a warm and sunny Berlin, having attended my first Qt Contributors Summit. It is always nice to meet the Qt developer team, and to get a chance to hang out with the Pelagicorians from our Munich office. This conference really acts as a good balance to Qt Developer Days. Where QtDD consists […]

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Qt5 Cadaques 2014-01 released

We are happy to announce the 2014-01 release of Qt 5 Cadaques, a book on Qt. We’ve worked away over the holidays and are happy to bring you chapter 11, on networking. We’ve also restructured chapters 15 and 16, dealing with C++ and native code, so that they are ready to be fleshed out for our next release. […]

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Qt 5 Cadaques release summary

Having announced yesterday, the reception has been fantastic! Over two thousand unique visitors from all over the world (see the map below) and almost 8000 page views. Add to this that we clashed with the Qt 5.2 release announcement, and I’m overwhelmed.

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Qt 5 Cadaques is Released!

Juergen Bocklage-Ryannel and myself are writing a book! As we’ve reached the point where we want to share our work with the workd, we are happy to open the doors to the book Qt 5 Cadaques – A Book about Qt 5! It all started a couple of years back, when two developers saw a […]

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Raspberry Pi Night

A couple of nights ago, Daniel Stenberg visited the Pelagicore offices in Gothenburg for the Raspberry Pi Night. We had 28 signed up guests and hacked, talked and played for a night. I was personally surprised about the turn-up – and the number of projects showing up. A couple of guys even came with a lab […]

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Components Growing

Looking past the irony that QML will be available for all platforms but WP8 in the short-term, and Nokias previous involvement in the development of QML, it is nice to see the platforms being created. The last in the row is Ubuntu Phone, others are Jolla’s Sailfish, RIM’s BB10 Cascades, KDE’s Plasma and Nokia’s Components for […]

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Changed behaviour in Qt 5 beta 2

So, I’ve taken the time to shift my development target at work to Qt 5 beta 2 (from beta 1). Most things work perfectly, however, qmake has changed its behaviour slightly – in a subtle evil way. First, some background. I’m building a QML plugin. When building it with beta 2, it no longer loads […]

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Speaking at Qt Developer Conference

I’ve finally been able to find a time slot to try to summarize the Qt Developer Conference. This year I ended up spending lots of time in our booth, so I’ve visited surprisingly few talks. I’m really hoping that KDAB will be able to sort out the issues that they’ve had with audio, so that […]

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QtQuick / QML Experiences

I’m in the middle, or rather, approaching the end of, my very first large QtQuick-based project. I cannot tell you that much, just that it includes a rather large code base of QML, and a semi-large run-time environment written in C++. In this blog entry, and probably some more, I’ll tell you about my experiences. […]

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