KF5 in Yocto

KDE recently released the first version of KDE Frameworks 5, or shorter KF5. This is a set of add on modules extending and improving Qt, forming the base on which the Plasma Desktop is built. The nice thing is that KF5 is very modular and very reuseable.

Recently I’ve spent some time working with Yocto (yes, the series will continue – I just need time to do a couple of clean builds). So, I thought this was the perfect little summer vacation project for me. So, the plan is to package one module a day of KF5 for Yocto. The layer resides on github as meta-kf5.

This is a release early, release often project, so I’ve just gotten KAchive and ECM integrated. You can follow the progress from the project status page.

9 thoughts on “KF5 in Yocto”

  1. Thanks for starting this.
    I had tried to work on this also. I will try to make kdnssd and to send you patches for it.

    Did you think about hosting this on KDE infrastructure ?

    Did you think about trying to collocate it with meta-qt5 in order to raise its visibility ? I know the guys behind it would agree with this idea.

  2. @Paul, nice I’ll have a look
    @Matthueu, Contributions are very welcome! Also, I’d love to colocate with meta-qt5. Please ping me on kde-devel on freenode, or e8johan – gmail, if you want to discuss.

  3. Have you tried to discuss this with Samuel Stirtzel (author of meta-kde) to see if he had any work on it already? It would be nice to avoid the duplication if any.

  4. @Laszlo, no, I was not aware for meta-kde. I just googled for yocto and kf5 and came up empty handed. I’ll contact him right away. Thanks for telling me!

  5. Also, the your layer’s `BBLAYERS` variable does not seem to be set correct.

    It does not mention e.g. meta-qt5 as a dependency. That means, it will be broken right away if I try to use it from a clean system.

  6. Johan, that is still not ok. ;-)

    You need to have the dependency before the meta-kf5 layer, so swap those two lines.

    That is where the list starts from meta, then meta-yocto, etc. You can think about it as an increasing order starting from the core (bottom layer) to the upper layers.

    I should have probably filled an issue on github, sorry about the noise here.

    Thanks for your work on it and it is much appreciated, and yet another nice contribution along with your book and Yocto series. :-)

  7. @Laszlo np with noise. I appreciate the feedback. Regarding layers, I’m not sure that it matters (and I’m in the summerhouse right now, so no bandwidth to check). Isn’t that handled by the layer priorities?

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