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Yocto part III – a custom meta layer

In this part of the series (previous: i, ii) we will have a look at setting up our own meta layer, so that we can make changes without having to fork the Yocto recipes. The easiest way to create a layer is to use the yocto-layer tool. To fully understand what a layer consists of, […]

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Yocto part II – baseline image size

In the first installment of this series, we established a base line image and had a look at the initial boot performance. This time, we will establish a baseline for the image size. In an embedded system, these two factors often go hand in hand, as reading data from FLASH often consumes a considerable amount […]

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Yocto part I – baseline boot time

The Yocto project provides a set of tools to build custom distribution images from scratch. When using Yocto, the image, and all the tooling used to build the image, is built from recipes. These recipes are parsed using the bitbake command. The recipes have dependencies, just as ordinary packages in a classical distro. By pointing […]

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