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Building communities

As some of you might know I’ve been involved in the foss-gbg group for a long while (more than 3 years now). Last year I helped starting the foss-north conference, which is really about taking what foss-gbg is and turning it into something bigger. We had a great turn-up – over 100 guests and ten […]

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Tickets are live for foss-north

I’ve written about foss-north earlier. From now, tickets are available. What we are looking at is a free and open source one day conference in Gothenburg. Great speakers already now, and the CfP isn’t even closed. Of course you all want to visit Gothenburg in the early summer and enjoy a day of great speakers and great […]

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Python and me

I like Python, but I’d love it if it had support for types – even if one of them was a generic duck-typed object or variant. x = {} k = “potential key” v = MyValue() # Clearly not a key   if v in x:   pass # Always fails silently   I apparently live […]

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Plex and Chromecast

It seems that everyone has their little magic transcoding line for having Plex and Chromecast to play nice, as everyone runs an underpowered server that cannot do live transcoding. My line follows here: ffmpeg -i big_buck_bunny_720p_surround.avi -c:v libx264 -profile:v high -level 4.2 -crf 18 -maxrate 10M -bufsize 16M -pix_fmt yuv420p -vf “scale=iw*sar:ih, scale=’if(gt(iw,ih),min(1920,iw),-1)’:’if(gt(iw,ih),-1,min(1080,ih))'” -x264opts bframes=3:cabac=1 […]

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June 21st 2012

When your wife has been in pain every 15 to 20 minutes for six days and six nights, you appreciate the sincerity when she asks you to take her to the hospital at four in the morning. After a short routine check, we where admitted. Five hours later, Erik, was born. The day after, we could leave […]

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3D Printers in Sweden

Having experienced the MakerBot at work, I bought a EMaker Huxley last year. Once you get into the habit of being able to print any mechanical piece that you need (almost), you are forever hooked. Now, I’m looking to build a larger machine and am sourcing material for a building larger RepRap Mendel Prusa V2. […]

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QtQuick and Drag-and-Drop – One More Time

As a result of my last blog on QtQuick and DnD I was contacted by both Sebas and Marco. Both are active in the KDE project and face the same issues as I do. Apparently, the Plasma team are also working on DnD in QtQuick. Their approach is based around DragArea and DropArea, written in […]

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QtQuick and Drag-n-Drop

Implementing drag-n-drop (from now on DnD) in QtQuick is like traveling to an up-side-down world. Instead of dragging something and dropping it on a zone, the dragged item (or, rather, the MouseArea controlling the drag) is responsible for keeping track of where it is. I’ve experimented with a few tricks to resolve this, and I […]

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QtQuick and Models

Well, the title says it all, lets get started :-) Proxy Models Something that I would love to see in QML is the QSortFilterProxyModel. I guess it needs a wrapper of some sort, but being able to sort and filter – either based on a role and a regular expression, or based on a JavaScript […]

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qBound on Arm

When using qBound in combination with qreal, it is important to properly cast the upper and lower bounds, e.g.: qreal x = qBound(qreal(0.2), v, qreal(1.5)); If you forget this, i.e by using the following code: qreal x = qBound(0.2, v, 1.5); Your code will happily work on x86, and some other platforms, but not on […]

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