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Saving code

As you probably know by now, Gitorious is shutting down. A lot of history sits on that site, and much of the code is no longer maintained. Browsing around, I ran into the maemo-tools that has not been touched since 2013. There are still some useful stuff there, so I decided to save it. All […]

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meta-kf5 usable

Finally I’ve had the time to work over the final issues in meta-kf5. Right now, I build most tier 1 and tier 2 components. I’ve packaged most functional modules and integration modules from these tiers. When it comes to integration modules, there might be missing dependencies that need to be added – but that should […]

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Another hacknight in Gothenburg

The following announcement is in Swedish. Please ignore it if it does not make sense to you! Välkomna på foss-gbg hackafton!Den 28/5 17:00 träffas vi för att lära oss om GNOME.Andreas Nilsson och Mattias Bengtsson introducerar projektet, verktygen och hjälper er komma igång.Vid åttasnåret drar vi vidare och umgås över en öl.Pelagicore står för lokaler och bjuder […]

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Welcome to another hack-night in Gothenburg

This post is in Swedish, please ignore if it does not make sense to you. Välkomna till en hackafton den 23/4. Vi träffas och hackar på våra projekt, samt lyssnar till två korta föredrag. Vi bjuder på lättare förtäring under hackandet och sedan drar vi vidare till Biljardpalatset och umgås. Spelar licensen någon roll? Henrik o […]

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One week of Jolla

So I’ve enjoyed my first few days as a Jolla user. Before I start discussing Jolla and SailFishOS, something about my phone background. I’ve come from Symbian S60, to the N900, then N9 followed by various Androids before getting my Jolla just before Christmas (great timing – thanks!). This means that I came from a […]

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Qt 5 Cadaques release summary

Having announced yesterday, the reception has been fantastic! Over two thousand unique visitors from all over the world (see the map below) and almost 8000 page views. Add to this that we clashed with the Qt 5.2 release announcement, and I’m overwhelmed.

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Qt 5 Cadaques is Released!

Juergen Bocklage-Ryannel and myself are writing a book! As we’ve reached the point where we want to share our work with the workd, we are happy to open the doors to the book Qt 5 Cadaques – A Book about Qt 5! It all started a couple of years back, when two developers saw a […]

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Raspberry Pi Night

A couple of nights ago, Daniel Stenberg visited the Pelagicore offices in Gothenburg for the Raspberry Pi Night. We had 28 signed up guests and hacked, talked and played for a night. I was personally surprised about the turn-up – and the number of projects showing up. A couple of guys even came with a lab […]

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Raspberry Pi Night in Gothenburg

The event described below is in Sweden, in Swedish, so simply skip ahead if the rest sounds like gibberish. Embedded Linux, Automotive, Real-time? Daniel Stenberg, känd från curl, ssh2 and c-ares kommer till stan! Vi samlas, snackar och hackar inbyggd Linux några timmar. Dra med dig din raspberry pi, beagleboard, pandaboard, androidtelefon eller liknande och […]

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The Cuecumber Cam

This spring, I invested in a greenhouse. As soon as the green stuff was growing, the little nerd in me saw some room for improvement. I got a Raspberry Pi model A, a solar charger case from cottonpicker’s and a cheap webcam. As it turns out, the batteries from the solar case only provide an […]

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