Qt 5 Cadaques is Released!

Juergen Bocklage-Ryannel and myself are writing a book! As we’ve reached the point where we want to share our work with the workd, we are happy to open the doors to the book Qt 5 Cadaques – A Book about Qt 5! It all started a couple of years back, when two developers saw a need: there where no books approaching Qt from the QML side. We decided to solve the problem by writing a book.

During these years, lots has happened in the land of Qt. The ecosystem around the Qt Project has stabilized after the whole Microsoft-Nokia thing. Jolla has released a phone with Qt 5, as has Blackberry. Ubuntu Phone will be based on Qt 5. The Raspberry Pi has taken on the whole world with a great hardware that runs great with Qt 5. It is now possible to target both Android and iOS using Qt 5.

Looking at these changes, one can see that Qt really has grown towards mobile. Towards device user interfaces. User interfaces where the look and feel has to be integrated into the context of a physical device. This is where Qt Quick and QML really shines. Before I go on, it is worth pointing out that the Qt ecosystem has grown towards mobile, it has not moved there. The cross platform desktop support is still there and works just as great as it has for almost 20 years now!

For aspiring Qt developers, there is a plethora of documentation for using Qt from C++. There are multiple books on the topic. However, when targetting devices, C++ is only a part of the story. Here, Qt Quick and QML are equally important. That is why we are happy to make Qt 5 Cadaques available!

A final word of warning. The book is being written as you read it. We believe in the open source mantra release early, release often. This means that the text currently is in its early stages. We have setup a feedback system so that you as a reader can help us improve the material by pointing out issues. We are also looking for ways to grow the contents. We also keep a project blog on the site to announce our releases and to ask you about your opinion on the book. We would love for you to tell us what you want to read about!

12 thoughts on “Qt 5 Cadaques is Released!”

  1. Excellent, congrats. :)

    Been a missing bit for 1-2 years now.

    I wonder if you plan to maintain the book with each new minor releases if needed, etc unlike some book authors in the past?

    The problem I saw, Qt books can get outdated pretty quickly due to the fast pace development.

  2. Many thanks! Could you provide an epub file of your book? I’d like to read it on my e-ink reader. I hope it’s possible to automatically create a new epub file when you update the book…

  3. @Lazlo the target is to release a new version every month, hence the 13.12 at the top. So our plan is to try to follow the project as closely as possible over time.

    @Paolo we will look into the possibilities to do an ePub or pdf. Right now the focus will be to bring all the contents to a good level, then we will look into this and the options for printing the book.

  4. Excelent Mr. Thelin.

    I have your book “Foundations of Qt Developmment” and that is awesome! I believe this new one will be great as well.

  5. Awesome! Nice to get information spread around internet summarized in one place. I hope this introduces more developers (and designers!) to learn about the wonders of QML and Qt Quick. :) IMO No other UI toolkit matches it’s power and easy of use.

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