tt-rss in debian stable

I run a little server of my own with debian stable. Now, I wanted Tiny Tiny RSS, as Google just showed why relying on the cloud isn’t a good thing.

As tt-rss only lives in unstable, I decided to backport it. In order to do so, I had to backport the following packages (in this order):

  • libarchive-zip-perl, which is a build dependecy to rhino
  • javahelper, which is a build dependency to¬†shrinksafe
  • rhino (and thus also librhino-java), which are build dependencies to shrinksafe
  • shrinksafe, which is a build dependecy to dojo
  • libjs-dojo-core (and thus also libjs-dojo-dijit), which both are dependencies to tt-rss
  • prototypejs, which is a dependency of tt-rss
  • tt-rss

I hope I did not mix up what is a build dependencies and install dependencies, but it does not really matter. You will have to apt-get build-dep foo && apt-get -b source foo for each of these. Then dpkg -i foo¬†the resulting debs. You might also have to install some prepackaged stuff, as dpkg doesn’t resolve the dependencies automatically.

Having tt-rss up and running, I migrated my subscriptions from google reader, installed the Android app and waited. The first time, tt-rss gets the whole feed, so you’ll have to wait a while (a couple of hours in my case) and then mark all as read, then everything works nicely.

There are few other cloud services that I depend on as much as a good RSS reader (I tend to read from many different devices, depending on where I am). But it is unlikely that I’ll every again will trust a cloud service as a critical part of my day-to-day workflow. Just look at what happened to tinkercad (which I did not rely on).

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