New Charts and a new Reader

Witold blogged that he has published a new version of his Chart classes for Qt 4. They are based around the Interview framework and look really promissing. He has been doing some really interesting things with Qt 4's support for MVC programming - just look at his OpenGL + MVC articles. It looks very interesting to me. For those of you not familiar with Witold, he is one of the leading members of QtCentre.org - and I would love to see him added to PlanetKDE.

The second new is that my RSS reader - Google Reader - has been updated. The interface is still a bit hard to get used to for me, but it looks like a change to the better. The primary reason for me to use Google Reader is that it allows me to check all my feeds from my mobile phone - a great feature for bored geeks :-)


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Alan Horkan said...

Any plans for interoperability or coordination with KChart?

At 1:58 PM, Blogger Johan Thelin said...

Not that I know of, but ask him directly here: http://blog.wysota.eu.org/archives/2006/09/#e2006-09-28T17_24_51.txt .


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