Mythbuntu based HTCP

I’m building a HTPC based on Mythbuntu. The hardware consists of a small shuttle chassis, a 40GB Intel SSD, an ASUS AT3IONT-I Deluxe motherboard and a WinTV-NOVA-TD USB stick.

Actually, the USB stick resides in a seriously underpowered backend machine which serves as my home server. The frontend/backend does work reliably though – even over WLAN.

The idea is not to use the box as a receiver, but rather a media player. Output will be HDMI for both sound and video.

  • Picture, HD acceleration and such works out of the box.
  • Building the SVT Play plugin and RTMPDUMP worked.
  • Sound required a ~/.asoundrc file directing the sound to the correct SPDIF. I also unmuted all SPDIFs using alsamixer.
  • The remote is configured so that most buttons make sense. Installed the drivers fromĀ here to get the remote to work as a keyboard device. I also had to blacklist the mceusb driver after having upgraded to Mythbuntu 11.04.
  • Employed this trick to fix the issues that I have with my WinTV dual-tuner USB stic. It looks promising.

Left to do:

  • Need to ensure that I can play media directly from a USB stick. The mythadder script looks like a promising starting point. Does not work – yet.
  • Investigate integrating Spotify into MythTV.

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