Bad news...

I've followed Formula 1 for more than ten years. I guess that the combination of engineering, danger, speed and serious noise got me hooked. Anyway, today BMW announced that they will leave the sport at the end of this season, and for me as a BMW fan, that is bad news.

So, for a little analysis from my part. FIA claims that BMW pulling out is another proof that their cost cutting measures are needed. I believe that there are more reasons:

- FIA and F1 is governed by an odd bunch. Mosley and Eccelstone really seem to like playing politics. And they have contriversial political standpoints, nothing one wants to be associated with.

- Constant rule changes and interpretations. For instance, why where huge changes made to the aero rules before the 2009 season, but then the double diffuser design was accepted. This led to higher speeds, not lower.

- No final rules for next season, meaning that they cannot get started on next years car now (as this year's car really is a disaster).

- Cost and results, of course, paying millions of euros to score mediocre results doesn't really improve the situation.

So, finally, two wishes for the future. First, lets find a way to keep Sauber F1 in the game. Second, I hope to see BMW on the race track in other high profile series (no, not S/B/WTCC - more like LeMans, F1 or perhaps DTM).


At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this decision has surprised a lot of people even those working at the highest level at the BMW Sauber team.

I agree with your analysis; there will always be politics in F1 but it has been very bad recently and is spoiling the image of the sport, I hope the next President of the FIA will stop playing political games.

BMW Sauber were really good in 2008 and if they were in the title hunt this year I think they would not be leaving the sport.

Let's hope Sauber are on the starting grid in 2010!

At 5:16 PM, OpenID scattino said...

Well, I agree on your analysis, even as a Ferrari fan.
I think that a good step forward will be the next election for the FIA presidency, so we can finally change Mosley with someone which will, hopefully, have a different view on some things, like changing rules every two months...

At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me, Max finally did it last year, he killed F1. It went from top stop of motor sport to an Indy/Cart wannabe. Its ridiculous how far F1 fell.


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