Skype Reliabilitator

The skype-kit is a set of scripts that helps making Skype reliable.

In my experience, Skype on Linux has a tendency to lose contact with the Skype network without reporting so. They way I determine if that is the case, is by right clicking on the taskbar icon and try to quit. If the application does not react, it has lost contact with the world.

This is annoying as it does not inform me about it. If it does so in the middle of a chat conversation, I can send several messages that do not reach the receiver and people stay “on-line”…

The solution is the skype-kit.tar.gz, the contents is BSD licensed. Untar this to get access to three scripts solving all your Skype reliability needs.

You can also use the following packages to install it on a distro of your choice:

The scripts are:

  • skype-status says Online or Offline depending on the number of ports opened by the Skype process. This is your true online/offline state. The exit status reflects the state, Online returns one while Offline results in zero.
  • respawn-skype kills the previous instance of Skype (only one) and restarts. If skype is not started, it is simply stated.
  • check-skype-status combines the two other scripts, checking the status and offers to restart it if Skype is offline (using a kdialog warning dialog). The brave can cron this (add -display :0 to kdialog). This script does not start Skype if there is no Skype process running, so it can safely be run without having Skype popping up all the time.

Now Skype is reliable once again.