Kubuntu on a MacBook

I use the latest version of Kubuntu (when writing, that means 10.04)  on a MacBook Pro (5.1) and this is where I document my findings and current issues.

  • Installation works as described on the Ubuntu wiki.
  • Remapping the function key vs special function priority works great for me.
  • Remember to install the corresponding kernel headers (sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)) when the kernel has been updated, otherwise the NVIDIA driver cannot be loaded and X cannot find a screen.

Current issues

  • Cannot get the mic to work in Skype.
  • Need to find the time to remap the Alt and Ctrl keys so that my PC trained hands find their way.
  • When using the Swedish layout, Alt+7 does not give me a { but a |. Annoying as hell when writing C++ code. (Could be me being used to PC keyboards again)