>Qt Collaterals and Electronix Scandinavia

>I just wanted to show you some of the collateralls that Trolltech brought to the Quickstart last week. Lots of nice material – much with focus on Qtopia which I find interesting.

I felt that one fair was not enough for last week, so I also visited Electronix Scandinavia as well. Since I’m easily amused I took the chance to go Tux-hunting. First was an all alone Tux by some pens and candy.

There where more Tuxes out there, but some guys actually brought wooden Gnomes. They did, however, not know of GTK+ so there must have been some misunderstanding :-)

I was at the fair the last day of three, so some exhibitors where a bit tired. The Solitec guys seemed tired of customers – they did not even look up from their mobiles. I wonder if they where playing single player, wireless multiplayer or just checking their mail?

Just before leaving I found the booth shown below. Yes, their company name starts with five As. That is AAAAA. I guess they tried to appear first in the fair catalogue – too bad 3M was there :-)