Time for PineTime

I just recieved my PineTime and set it up with GadgetBridge on my Android device. So far it has been a pleasant experience.

The unboxing experience was good. Inside a very anonymous brown cardboard box was a white box with the device.

The device itself was nicely presented. Under the clock is a tiny users manual and a charging dock.

My device was shipped with version 1.2 of the InfiniTime firmware, so I’m one release behind. I ordered the sealed device (because the price is amazing), but I already am itching to get coding.

Some highlights:

  • Just works!
  • Snappy UX
  • Some cute phone apps included

Left to do:

  • Get the heart rate sensor reading over to GadgetBridge
  • Is there a way to clear the notifications on the clock?
  • More watch faces and apps!

All in all, this was more then I expected and I’m really looking forward to playing with it (and hopefully not brick it…)