Learning a language

Learning a language is, to me, about grinding. Continously exposing yourself.

Ich lerne Deutsch. Oder, ich versuche Deutsch zu lernen. 😉

I try to expose my self to the language via YouTube (thx Nils for the tip about 7 gegen Wild), but also news papers and just chatting with people. I’d say the biggest hurdle is that people find English easier than having me try to find and reorder the words, so practice at full speed is hard to find.

I guess I do the same for people trying to learn Swedish, and i really shouldn’t.

If you have tips for how to expose myself more to German – spoken or written – please drop a comment here or join the conversation at mastodon.

2 thoughts on “Learning a language”

  1. If you live in Germany, join a sports club, that really helped a friend of mine. If you dont, maybe chess would work remotely? Anyway, in that case, half a year of just moving there can do wonders, for studying, for work, whatever. Just not to Berlin where it’s way too easy to get away with English ;-)

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