Time for PineTime

I just recieved my PineTime and set it up with GadgetBridge on my Android device. So far it has been a pleasant experience.

The unboxing experience was good. Inside a very anonymous brown cardboard box was a white box with the device.

The device itself was nicely presented. Under the clock is a tiny users manual and a charging dock.

My device was shipped with version 1.2 of the InfiniTime firmware, so I’m one release behind. I ordered the sealed device (because the price is amazing), but I already am itching to get coding.

Some highlights:

  • Just works!
  • Snappy UX
  • Some cute phone apps included

Left to do:

  • Get the heart rate sensor reading over to GadgetBridge
  • Is there a way to clear the notifications on the clock?
  • More watch faces and apps!

All in all, this was more then I expected and I’m really looking forward to playing with it (and hopefully not brick it…)

3 thoughts on “Time for PineTime”

  1. So what will you be using it for? I think it looks nice for a step counter but what else can be done with it? Also only one week of battery life is a bit on the very short side for me, but perhaps it’d work anyway.

    I guess you could write an app where you can get help with self quantification, etc. like counting how much water you drank, etc.?

  2. I get my notifications on the arm, that is the key selling point for me.

    Also, I’d like the heart rate fed into my phone (preferably into my sleep tracker, but that is a long shot).

    If I could get a Pebble-like timeline into my watch I’d be very, very pleased. But again – long shots. :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I just learned recently that this watch existed. I have an Apple Watch, I wear it daily. It’s truly obsoleted mechanical watches for me. I can’t seem to go anywhere without it.

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