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Looking at Vue

All applications are more or less connected today. The time of files on a disk, or moving them with a USB stick (or floppy) are over. Even file based programs are often synced using Nextcloud, dropbox, google drive, etc. At Eperoto I’m busy building a backend for a React frontend, but there I stay in […]

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foss-north pod – a look at the stats

The foss-north pod about Licenses and Copyright has been around since May 1st, so I decided to talk a look at the stats. We gather very little statistics, but what I know is that we have 635 followers on YouTube and 108 over at (a peertube instance). We also serve the pod directly from […]

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Advent of Code and Learning

So, I decided to do Advent of Code this year too. I usually get stuck part of the way, but I still think that it is a fun exercise. This year the plan is to use python and pytest the whole way through. Every day that i learn something that I want to remember, I […]

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