More foss in the north

Today is midsummer eve. In Sweden, this is probably slightly larger than Christmas. Everyone goes someplace to meet someone and enjoy a day of food, dance and entertainment. And you’re supposed to have flowers on your head as shown below!

The blog post author in full midsummer outfit

This year, midsummer is on June 21, which marks four months from the first foss-north event outside of Gothenburg. That’s right – foss-north is going to Stockholm on October 21 and the theme will be IoT and Security. Make sure to save the date!

We have a venue and three great speakers lined up. There will be a CFP during July and the final speakers will be announced towards September. We’re also looking for sponsors (hint hint nudge nudge).

Now I’m off to enjoy the last hour of midsummer and enjoy the shortest night of the year. Take care and I’ll see you in Stockholm this autumn!

One thought on “More foss in the north”

  1. Hi Johan,

    Thanks for explaining how big midsummer is in Sweden. I seems to be very nice to have such a holiday in summer. Looks good :-)

    My wife is also trying to carry a bit of that to the Havelland (a couple of lakes to the west of Berlin). Flowers, lights, music. I like it!

    It took some iterations to inspire neighbours and stakeholders.
    But now its me to take the next step and and also wear some flowers!

    Enjoy and have a happy midsummer time! ?


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