As web 3.0 is the next big thing – and I really like the idea – I decided to give mastodon as spin (second time around). Feel free to follow me – I’m

As I’m just getting started, I’m exploring this whole space a bit. I picked the instance to join ( based on the fact that KDE lives there. As mastodon is federated, I can still interact with users of other instances.

Then I used the bridge app to find my twitter friends. This only works if both are using the bridge app, so I encourage everyone to try it.

Finally, I picked Mastalab as my phone app, but I’ve just used it for two minutes, so I cannot tell you if it is good or bad. What I do know is that it is open source and easily installable from the Play Store as well as F-droid

What are you using for mastodon and who should I follow? Let’s get tooting together!

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