foss-north – the count down

Some people likes to talk at conferences, other dread it. At foss-north, we welcome both new and experienced speakers and work hard to make the experience pleasant to all. We are looking for contents on a wide variety of subjects. Here are some topic ideas to encourage you to submit a talk proposal:

  • Teach us your favorite tool.
  • Talk about your pet project.
  • Talk about your favourite programming language.
  • Talk about the friends you’ve made through FOSS.
  • Talk about a piece of software that you are missing.
  • Talk about how you organize your work around FOSS.
  • Talk about why FOSS helps you create your product or delivery your service.
  • Talk about software licenses.
  • Talk about software patents.
  • Talk about how you use FOSS at your school.
  • Talk about your own FOSS conference.
  • Talk about anything that you want!

Of course we want your talk to be about free and open source – that is what foss in foss-north stands for.

foss-north strives to gather the best speakers, the best audience at the best location (Gothenburg) for one day each year. This year the event takes place on April 23 – get your tickets here!

It is just 2 more days left of the Call for Papers. With the help of our great sponsors we have the opportunity to transport you to our conference if you are selected to speak. Make sure to make your submission before March 11 and you are in the race.