foss-north follow-up

The time to summarize the foss-north event has come. I’d like to start by thanking everyone – speakers, sponsors and visitors – you all made it a great event!

After the event I sent out a questionnaire which made for some interesting reading. About 30% of the visitors have replied to the questions, so I feel that the input is fairly representative.

First of all, everyone who joined the event seems happy with it. Almost everyone are likely or very likely to come next year and the same goes for recommending a friend. This sounds like a great starting point for the 2017 event.


When it comes to the scheduling, the results are a bit ambiguous. It seems that everyone wants more contents, but it is harder to tell if two days or two tracks is the way to go. I am also a bit torn on this subject. Two days mean that some people might not be able to make it due to it taking too much time, but two tracks means that everyone, even those who have the time, will miss half the contents.


All this data and much more will be incorporated into an event summary report that will be made available soon. We are also¬†looking into the details of setting up next year’s event, so stay tuned for a date and venue.

2 thoughts on “foss-north follow-up”

  1. I find the questionary a bit leading. I rearly think very much when responding to questionaries so I probably would have answered “Yes, more focused tracks are better”, who does not want something that ultimately sounds better? Those that still answered no was probably also mostly people that thought about the point you are making here. It does not sound any good anymore when you become aware that you’ll miss half the content and probably would have to make some hard choices.

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