Saving code

As you probably know by now, Gitorious is shutting down. A lot of history sits on that site, and much of the code is no longer maintained. Browsing around, I ran into the maemo-tools that has not been touched since 2013. There are still some useful stuff there, so I decided to save it. All tool repositories has been cloned to the maemo-tools-old organization on github.

As I’m only a happy user, I would love to invite the original maintainers, or other interested developers to come work on it, so if you want an invite to the organization so that you can maintain the code, just drop me a mail at e8johan, gmail, com.

2 thoughts on “Saving code”

  1. Thanks for doing that, Johan. There’s probably a lot of Qt-related code on there that nobody’s really taking care of anymore. I hope the official Qt repositories, including the “legacy” ones, get migrated elsewhere. I know about but hope that there wasn’t an unnecessary cull of repositories – some of the ones that are there are interesting from a historical perspective.

    (Aside: I wish I’d walked out of Nokia with a hard drive containing the internal repositories because some of the really ancient stuff from Trolltech times was completely neglected.)

  2. There seems to be a REST API from github to setup new repositories. Perhaps it is time to write a little script that simply migrates all repos from to

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