Qt5 Cadaques 2014-01 released

We are happy to announce the 2014-01 release of Qt 5 Cadaques, a book on Qt. We’ve worked away over the holidays and are happy to bring you chapter 11, on networking. We’ve also restructured chapters 15 and 16, dealing with C++ and native code, so that they are ready to be fleshed out for our next release. In the existing text, we’ve made lots of updates to fix typos and grammar issues.

In addition to fixing and adding contents, we’ve worked on the site. We’ve changed the theme to “flatly”, as we feel that this makes the site nicer to look at and to read from. We’ve also started experimenting with building a PDF/ePUB release. You can find the download links for these at the top of the table of contents. We know that both these formats need polishing, but we will focus our efforts on completing the contents first.

Before I stop and let you all start reading I would like to thank everyone who has visited the site and read the book. The response has been fantastic and we’ve seen so many positive comments, received so many great issue reports and seen the traffic to this site really grow. Thank you for reading!

12 thoughts on “Qt5 Cadaques 2014-01 released”

  1. Great initiative :) what I would really enjoy would be a Kindle/Google Books Edition. Afaik books can be updated on those stores as well so that shouldn’t really be a problem.

    Is there anything planned?

  2. Thank you for letting us learn from you, and the work, I hope you can continue to refine this project.

  3. Congrats for this great project!

    May I ask what technology did you use to produce all the HTML, PDF and ePub versions of the book?

  4. This QML-book is awesome – this was the missing part for me to start QML development. Really great. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you so.. much 100x…. really really highly appreciated it………….. God bless you guys..!!

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