Intel Graphics – 3D Artifacts

So I’m running a 13″ MacBook Pro with Ubuntu. It has the 2.7GHz Dual-core Intel Core i7 processor with integrated graphics. I’m running the i915 driver (which is what Ubuntu set me up with). Now, everything seems ok, until I run something 3D with (I think) transparent surfaces.

I can spot the issue in SuperTuxKart, but in Minecraft, I don’t have to look for it. It looks awful. I’ve included two screenshots – one from daytime and one from night. Notice that the noise in the image actually is noise, i.e. it changes all the time.

Also, when running the Minecraft game, the rest of the desktop gets messed up too (font rendering, etc) but as soon as I turn it off, everything is working again. Very annoying.

Anyone out there, perhaps you, who know how to solve this? I’d be really thankful!

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