The Digital Project

I’ve decided to bread life into an old domain, but let me tell the story from the very┬ábeginning. Way back, when leaving university, a couple of friends of mine and myself went looking for a place to keep our projects, personal homepages (yes, we geeks had those back then – sort of a facebook profile, but without the centralization and games). The end result was that we bought the domain and some hosting.

The years passed. From my side, I ran The Independent Qt Tutorial there. Got a job, wrote a book, got a Qt job, etc. For the others, life also progressed. In the end, the result was a site with a broken wiki installation and outdated contents. So, I decided to take over the domain and do something about it.

During the time that passed, I became a software guy. There is no point trying to resist that any more. I did study electrical engineering – microprocessor architecture, digital construction, etc – but I ended up a software guy. Now, I happen to have an urge to explore and write about things. This turned into a plan – Digital Fanatics would be a place where I could write about electronics and cool projects.

The site has been running for about a month now, without any promotion apart from myself twittering now and then. Still, the average reader count has increased to 50+, and the peak day had more than 100 unique visitors. This is far better than I expected and a real inspiration to me.

So, for those interested in smaller system, preferably open source, and such, feel free to visit the new And, yes, it will still host The Independent Qt Tutorial. It draws an amazing amount of traffic (1000+ daily hits) despite being Qt 3 – I really should find the time to update it for Qt 5 :-)