Rendering Issues

I’ve run Kubuntu on an old MacBook Pro (revision 5.1) for over a year now, and it has worked great. However, last week, it became more or less unusable. It seems that some sort of blending operation results in noise.

When using the machine with some composition effects, it was completely unusable – moving a window resulted in a square or static noise. All edges of plasma widgets where covered in noise, etc. Disabling all effects meant that I can use the machine again, however, some noise prevails.

As you can see from the screenshot at the top of this post, it is visible in the panel. It is also visible in elements such as the slider and the upper right corner of the desktop folder plasma widget. Another factor is that the noise sometimes disappear when a repaint is forced, but it is “physical” enough to get caught in a screenshot.

So, dear lazy web, do you recognize this from somewhere? Is it the drivers? Is it something in kwinrc? Or is it hardware (perhaps graphics memory) failing?

Update. Thiago from Tro^H^H^HNokia Qt Development Frameworks^W^W^W^WIntel (apparently at a new job) told me to clear the image caches. Read the comment, follow the instructions, and everything works again!

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