MeeGo and Qt

In these turbulent times, I just wanted to share some bright news.

We’re hiring developers who want to work on MeeGo and Qt on the bleeding edge in a challenging industry. Check out our application page at

5 thoughts on “MeeGo and Qt”

  1. Good initiative. I am sure lots of Qt developers are looking for a job now.

  2. Well yeah, they’re both very promising, especially Qt. But do you really feel it still make sense if Nokia drops everything? I’m a bit depressed today :(

  3. First of all, this is my personal blog with my personal opinions. Just so that you know that.

    I belive that Qt is too good for Nokia to just kill off. Instead, the can sell it and recover some cash. If that does not happen, the open source nature means that Qt will keep on living. There are quite a few businesses that rely on Qt, so there is enough cash floating around to sustain it. Still, during a transition when the form of an organization for Qt is being shaped, things might be scary. Still, I’m positive until proven wrong.

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