>kdelibs and more

>I just read the the people behind KDE interview with Jaroslaw Stainek and discovered his site kdelibs.com. I was aware of the project and I’ve experimented with Q..3 for Win32 in the past. What surprises me about Stainek’s project is the maturity – it seems to be useful even though the site states that “kdelibs4 on Windows is not stable” but that is not really a Windows issue as KDE 4 is in early development still.

And now for something completely different…

While cleaning out an only laptop of mine I found a link to Paul Bourke’s site. This is one of the most useful, informative and entertaining sites I’ve ever visited. I have recommend his gallery of fractals (with code and explanations behind each image). His curves and surfaces must be a dream to any maths teacher looking for a good overview of what is available. I still remember having written my first raytracer (only rendering spheres) using his geometry page and Phong’s model for reflections.