Foundations of Qt Development re-printed

I was happy to learn that Springer has printed my book, Foundations of Qt Development. Their distribution rights seem to span parts of south east Asia and the middle east. For the rest of us, APress is the preferred source.

In addition to this, the Linux Learning Centre, has decided to use the book as a part of their Qt course. Kudos to Prashanth for making this happen.

Finally, as a side note, real life has recently been too hot to get any hacking done. We've seen about two weeks with 30dgC+ temperatures here, but now it finally rains and temperatures as more comfortable.


At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Rp said...

Hi Johan!

I'm from Spain, and this summer we have had a very comfortable weather almost all Spain. Crazy!! 30 C in sweeden and in not here. This august is more usual already and weather start to be more hot.

I have your Qt's book, and i am reading it. Keep the good work. ;)


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