Contest Ponderings

QtCenter's programming contest has had a few good effects. For instance, QXML-RPC has been released into the wild. Also, GCF has also been released. I'm sure that both these projects would have been released anyway - hopefully the contest results inspired earlier and better releases. The interest expressed in both these projects, and others, prove that competitions and other events really are needed in the Qt community. They provide additional inspiration, motivation and contacts between developers and that is what drives us all to create better software.


At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Tobias Pfeiffer said...

I've written a Qt4 XML-RPC library almost a year ago, too. Seems it is not listed too high on Google; it can be found at http://qtnode.net/wiki?title=QxtXmlRpc.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Johan Thelin said...

Great - this means that there are two Qt implementations of the XML-RPC protocol - and I knew of none just a few weeks ago.


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