It has been a week since I last blogged - and there are lots of things going on. Here is a quick summary:

- Book-wise, we're currently in both tech review and copy editing - meaning that I get documents to look at from all directions. I'm trying to be structured, but sometimes it feels like there is too much coming in and too little getting done. Also, I seriously need to get the appendixes done. If you have a project that you feel would fit (either a class library or a development tool), comment or mail me (e8johan, using gmail).
- Work-wise, I've finally started to prepare for my first training sessions. I'm going to Denmark and Stockholm to teach Linux on Xilinx platforms. Will be fun.
- Work-wise II, I attended a great course called "efficient consultants" in Ängelholm last week. A good, balanced, material for the course, superb trainer (Lucas from Retorium) and a very nice evening getting to meet some of the guys from our Lund and Stockholm offices.
- Life-wise, Åsa and I are celebrating our second anniversary today. Hooray!
- Life-wise II, I will be celebrating my 28th birthday on Wednesday.
- F1-wise, great work of Kubica to finally out-qualify Heidfelt. A sad day for Heidfelt but a great fourth for Kubica. Also, congratulations to Hamilton for the championship lead. I'm just wondering if he can handle a change of luck - he can't stay on top through an entire season...


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