My favourite machine

This machine drives wooden poles into the ground, then the operator puts a concrete pole on top of the wooden pole and drive it too into the ground. This makes quite alot of noice. It goes something like BANG BANG BANG BANG... for about eight hours a day. The photo has been taken from my office window. Needless to say - I'm very fond of this machine.

PS. Another nice feature is that it produces a lot of dust so my car now has a yellow-ish colour tone.


At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Otter said...

FYI, that's called a "pile driver" in English.

At 7:12 AM, Blogger John said...

It definitely is a cool machine. It's called a pile-driver, and they use it to drive those concrete piles down deep for the foundation of a big (tall) building. It's actually rather quite primitive in operation. Some amount of liquid diesel is sprayed between the head and a heavy piston, which is dropped, compressing the diesel until ignition. Very loud + stinky = cool.

At 7:29 PM, Blogger Illissius said...

Cool. Want one for Christmas? ;)


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