DM500T and Boxer

This weekend my DM500-T has finally debuted as my own little media centre. It was given the highly important task of recording the F1 race and store the TS file on my little file server. The file server is a little Debian box built around a slow VIA Mini-ITX card with passive cooling. All that I need to do before it is allowed in the living room is to replace a fan in the chassis with a quite one and get some rubber suspensions for the harddrive.

Installing Debian worked like a charm - starting from the minimal network installation CD, downloading what I needed and configuring Samba to handle the file sharing. All I need to do is to install acpid to make it possible to turn the box off - it does not have a keyboard. Apparently using ssh, logging in and running shutdown was not a wife compatible solution :-)

The only thing that I'm looking for to make the Dreambox setup complete is a good slideshow software for the DM500. Any tips are welcome!

Finally, this was kind of funny.


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As slideshow, I launch qiv in slideshow mode. No eyecandy, but it works. I also tried /usr/lib/xscreensaver/glslideshow
from xscreensavers because of it's nice effects, but I didn't found how to start it fullscreen (and it needs a 3D accelerated driver).


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