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It is a great feeling to realize that there are only three more chapters and appendixes to complete before the first round of my Qt book project has been completed. Then there is reviewing ad infinitum left to do and lots of details (index, toc, foreword, etc) but I choose to ignore them for the moment and just feel good for a while.


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Ankur Gupta said...

There is a need for a book that focuses on teaching QT to newbies ... Introduction to QT4 fails because of it desire to touch and go, each and every topic under sun ... Design Patterns in QT 4 is a superb book but not for newbies ... I personally feel ur book (based on the title and Index) should be the de facto book for newbie ...

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Johan Thelin said...

Then you should get this one. The first part of the book takes time to really introduce Qt.

First the QObject and other basic tools are covered - this is what makes Qt special.

Then Qt is introduced as a RAD - Rapid Application Development - tool. As little theory as possible - just get started.

In the third chapter the basic widgets and dialogs are introduced. This will give you enough to start creating real applications by yourself.

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous ankur gupta said...

johan said
"First the QObject and other basic tools are covered - this is what makes Qt special."

Based on my limited experience with teaching QT to couple of classmates. They could get moc / signal-slot easily. I could give simple analogies like moc = interpreter, signal-slot = callback.

What I could'nt get into their head was Event loop. They appreciated that u need to repaint the widget so u loop around and repaint them. To make sure UI is responsive. I could'nt list down the job of event loop and the macro role it plays in a GUI Application. May be I just couldnt explain it well.

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Jure Repinc said...

Foundations of Qt Development sounds like a great book for learning Qt. I started learning with C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4, but it quite quickly became hard to follow for a newbie. Not enough introduction and not very smooth path to advanced topics. I guess I'm stubborn so I still continue using it to learn Qt4.

Still have to get my hands on An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4 and see what this one is like.

BTW, I'm thinking about translating one of those Qt books into Slovenian language. Foundations one looks like a perfect candidate. Will the license allow to do this easily and without too much bureaucracy?


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