Swedish iPhone un-boxed

Following the hype around the iPhone I was surprised to find out that the Swedish paper NyTeknik sent iPhones to all their subscribers. I un-boxed mine and took some photos of the process.

This is what I found in the mail.


The iPhone.

Unwrapping? Uncutting? Don't know - just getting it out of there.

I had to add an extra layer of paper to ensure that the structural integrity could be maintained.

Cut out to be a winner?

And the folding.

Front and back.

Compared to the Topcom DECT phone that I use indoors. Apparently the DECT has better coverage as I can use it up to 50 meters from home. I just was not able to make any calls from the iPhone - but it looks neat.

Also, do not place your iPhone in your pocket. It will not survive it.

Update. Digg it here!


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