Oslo, snow and schedules

I was invited ny Trolltech to come to Oslo and have dinner with the Qt Quarterly contributors from 2006. Yes, I've contributed.

The goal was to be in Oslo by 6pm last Thursday so I left Gothenburg just after 1pm. It usually takes 3-4 hours to drive between Oslo and Gothenburg, but there has recently been a landslide, so you have to go around a part of the E6 road that was swept away. That was why I added an hour to my travel plans. Then came the snow.

Apparently most lorrys do not use proper tires adapted for snow. Nor do they keep snow chains. The consequence was that I spent six and a haft hours to travel 400km. When approaching Oslo there where queues in both directions moving at about 10-20kph.

I made it anyway - the dinner did not start before 7pm and I had to be efficient when checking in to the hotel. After getting some food and a beer I could relax and be social again. I got the opportunity to sit down and talk to David Boddie and Jasmin Blanchette (hi guys!).
I also ran into a whole bunch of trolls (I only remember half of the names, so I won't mention any). After a nice evening at Akers Brygge I left for the hotel.

The next morning I spent in more or less informal meetings at Trolltech. Very giving. The trolls are really a nice bunch of people. Very easy to work with.


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